“I have gone to many retreats and studied Qi gong, but until I went to Elisabeth de Koning’s silent retreat, I had never experienced such a deep resting. Through Elisabeh’s warm, loving presence, I received inner healing.”
“Some retreats are actually busy, filled with many “holy” activities. The holiness in this retreat was the open, unhurried, spaciousness of time, the vision that doing less is doing more, and that nurturing, and simplicity allow for a deep letting go.
It is obvious that, by her quiet calm and clarity, Elisabeth lives what she teaches.



Why, I have been asked, do I go on retreats?

As well as participating in the School For Conscious Being, I have taken part in several retreats with Elisabeth de Koning.
Why do I take advantage of this opportunity every time it is possible?
While it is easy to explain what we do on a retreat, what actually happens during a retreat is more difficult to express. But it is precisely for that elusive reason that I keep signing up for yet another retreat.
When I am on a retreat I wake up in the morning with curiosity. What is going to happen today? Not in the sense of what will we be doing; that I have a fairly good idea about. The curiosity is more about what is going to happen in my inner world .
I believe that it takes an exceptional guide, with clarity of vision, to bring about the trust that allows me to feel comfortable enough to look into my inner world. Through a simple and unhurried program Elisabeth guides me on an exploration of my inner world. It is never rushed or forced, when I am ready she simply hands me the key and I unlock the door that brings me into a more meaningful contact with not only myself, but myself in relationship to and as part of the greater whole. Gently, layer by layer the conditioning which I have believed to be real is peeled away. Softly, petal by petal, I open as a flower. The apparent chaotic complexity of life is peeled back and opened to reveal the beauty in its simplicity. I am a part of that.
What is even more wonderful is that I do not feel this exploration will ever come to an end. There is always another layer to explore and that keeps me curious. To be curious is to be alive. And to really feel alive is the greatest adventure there is. That, I believe, is why I keep going on retreats.