The School For Conscious Being is an in depth two year program to become a transpersonal coach. This program guides the participant to work from out of their heart and personal essence.
The first year begins with an orientation week in France. Then, once a month, from October to June, there is a weekend session.
The second year also begins with an intensive week in France, followed by 9 weekend sessions in Koudum from October to June. During the second year participants will also form small groups to delve more deeply into what they have learned and experienced.
For those who are interested it is possible to participate in a 3rd year of study. This involves 5 weekends of intensive training.
During the study self insight and self reflection are enhanced. Where healing and understanding have taken place there is a foundation from which to guide others.
As well as enhancing self growth and development, participating in the school brings the group energy into movement. There is a common consciousness that grows and therefore contributes to the renewal of the world.

Until now the school is conducted in Dutch.