On this site I welcome you to connect with your essence, the true self, or silent awareness. This is possible through transpersonal coaching or therapy in combination with silence and meditation. The transpersonal approach invites you, via your personal question or problem, to come in contact with the depth of your being. So what first appears to be a problem is now a challenge and passage to renewed meaningfulness in your life.

Trans means transparant, over, above; what is personal is not skipped but met and transcended. From this heightened perspective you can learn to see yourself and the world with compassion. This allows you to see things in a relativistic and freeing manner, so a shift of values can happen. The transpersonal approach brings you conscious being. You can find security in yourself and experience oneness with the larger whole. Through opening without judgement for all that is, you can free yourself from limiting thoughts, convictions and feelings. Then, for instance, loneliness, dependency or lack of self worth can make space for authenticity and inner peace.

Spirituality is essential, it penetrates to the heart of life. The deep power of the transpersonal approach is that the person reconnects with that essence. If you are attuned to values such as harmony, love, truth, silence and beauty you will live increasingly in the purity and connection that is the essence of life.The experience to be a spiritual being gives meaning to life in every moment and in every circumstance.