Born in central Holland, I have lived for more than 20 years in the pastoral landscape of Friesland. Here the emptiness of the landscape resonates with the quiet inner space that meditation brings to me. I am not only at home in this place, but in many places. To travel, both in the spirit and over the world brings me peace.
I live and work together with my partner in a former school building. This houses both Centrum 7 and The School for Conscious Being. I am mother of an adult son.
Living from my heart and with an inquiring mind means that deep, meaningful contact with another is a basic need of mine.
At the same time silence, sensitivity and synchronicity are important indicators for direction in my life. Out from here flows, as a matter of course, my work: transpersonal therapy and coaching, leading retreats and most recently The School for Conscious Being.
For 20 years Centrum 7 has been the location of my practice of transpersonal therapy and coaching as well as my meditation centre. To explore together with another, to feel and to become aware brings continual insight and deep gratitude. Since 2012 I also give therapy and coaching in Amsterdam.
The last 17 years I have given many workshops and retreats both in Holland and abroad. Central to these sessions, not only meditation, qi gong and creativity are important, but also the use of nature as both teacher and mirror.
August 2011 I founded The School for Conscious Being. This is an in depth two year program to become a transpersonal coach. With great passion I work with and through this school. Since 2015 the School is also located in Amsterdam.
The school is so much more than a program of study. It is a warm home where participants have the freedom to explore, to feel and to consciously experience whatever presents itself. Together with kindred spirits, participants are given the opportunity to simply be and to experience unprecedented moments in the depth of each other.
I enjoy and stand in awe of the completely new energy that emerges from each group. This new energy contributes to the creation of what arises in the moment. And in that moment the school is continuously being created anew.
The great transformation that is much needed and is going on in the world today begins with the individual. At the same time we need the support of each other to become awake and aware. To be a catalyst in this process—that is my intention.