This therapy facilitates:

  • gaining deep insight into the self
  • allowing intuitive space
  • experiencing diverse inner processes
  • feeling the stream of life energy within
  • directing this energy towards manifesting the needs of the soul
  • awakened through the problems your personality has in this moment, going on a search for the soul, for your deepest self
  • knowing how to read your own signals
  • knowing what your body tells you
  • finding out that the soul and personality may have different needs and how to reconnect them again
  • investigating how blocks came into existence into your life and learning how to dissolve them
  • feeling true connection, true relationship
  • loving yourself unconditionally
  • coping with sorrow and grief
  • instead of being somber, depressed or lonely, being passionate to live again!

I use various dialogue techniques, visualizations, the transpersonal, meditation, psycho syntheses, voice dialogue, drawing, Bach flower essences and working with symbols.